GSoC Blog Post.

Hello there, I am Sudarshan, I go by the nick of Hieronymous on IRC. I am writing this post to introduce to the reader, the project that I wish to work on in Google Summer Of Code under SunPy.

I have applied to SunPy, a python based data analysis package for Solar Physics. I would, if selected, be working on the project – “Real Time Data Access and Visualization Tools”. To the layman, this would amount to building a “sort” of weather monitoring system, which would have access to real-time, dynamic data and would draw up complex plots representing different sorts of information.

For the more well versed user, specifically SunPy users and Solar Physicists, the module that I would be building, if selected, would be useful for space weather operations. This module would fetch data (fits, txt etc) from different instruments, using our very affectionate and endearing Fido (Unified Downloader) and also get data about things such as Solar Region Summary and draw up plots for

  • Overlay of Active Regions on top of Solar Regions.
  • GOES X-ray flux with active regions number on the flares detected
  • Latest features observed available from HEK on top of a map

I wouldn’t be talking in detail about my project here, You can see my proposal here.

Go ahead and take a look to get a better understanding of the module that I intend to implement, it is complete with images and other relevant information.

Over the past few months of contributing to SunPy and get a better understanding of its codebase, especially the Fido/unidown branch, I have become much wiser. Interning with SunPy presents me with a unique opportunity to learn a tremendous lot from the SunPy developers and also become a better software developer myself, this internship would also help me in interacting with and getting a first hand experience of developing impactful software for the Open Source ecosystem.

The project that I would be doing, would help me strengthen my Python skills. Currently I am more of a C++ user and tend to use it invariably for algorithmic programming. I use python only when I need to “hack” or “prototype” something. I would also learn quite a fair amount of matplotlib, since I would be using it for the visualisation part of the project. This would help me immensely, since the field of data science also piques my interest and visualisation is a fairly important aspect of it.

To end this post on a positive and optimistic note, I hope I get selected. Fingers crossed. Hopefully, see you in the summer and Happy python-ing.