GSoC Proposal Accepted.

This post commemorates my acceptance into GSoC as a Student Developer. I want to pour my heart out, but can’t seem to find the right words. Maybe, later on I will add more to this.

I have been contributing to SunPy for the past 5-6 months and I remember my first merged PR, way back in November 2015, really memorable. I wouldn’t reminisce for now and get right to it.

I would want to start work early with the implementation of the Fido clients. Also I would have to do a lot of reading up on the visualization part (David P.S. Solar Monitor Batch would be a good start) and Data sources for AR regions etc have to be finalized.

Last and definitely not the least, a ton of thanks to  Cadair for being really patient in the very beginning and helping me out through all my newbie Git screw-ups, educating me on the SunPy workflow and SunPy in general. Much thanks to David P.S. for providing me the valuable input in my proposal. I couldn’t have been accepted without it. David P.S., I’m looking forward to working with you and I hope to learn a lot of new stuff, yayy!! Python over the summers. I haven’t interacted with jackireland, would love to do that as well.

Finally, I hope to gain as much from SunPy, if not more, as SunPy would gain from me.

Cheers and Happy Coding 😉