GSoC coding has begun.

Hello everyone,

This post officially marks the beginning of my coding period. I have started implementing Fido clients for various instruments. Currently in the pipeline are SWAP, GONG and Kanzelhohe.

Also, Kanzelhohe would support query by wavelength which would allow you to fetch data for H-Alpha 2k, Continuum and Ca II k (There is an issue with supporting H-Alpha 3a). We would include it once we have a basic version in hand.

For Kanzelhohe the query would look like – qr = Fido.fetch(time, instrument(‘kanzelhohe’), Wavelength(xx) ). Wavelength takes only three arguments 6563, 32768, 5460 all of them in angstroms.

SWAP also supports query by levels. You can query data for both levels (0 and 1) by supplying an extra argument). So query for SWAP looks like-

qr = Fido.fetch( time, instrument, level(x) ) x is 0 or 1.

Thanks for reading. Keep coming here to stay updated about my progress.