GSoC Week-1.

Hello there. I had a great first week of coding. I got a lot of stuff done and this puts me a bit ahead of the timeline as well. Which is good. I hope to finish the Fido client implementation part a bit early , of course all of it would be complete with tests and documentation.

This is what I did

  • BBSO Client
  • ACE Client (SWEPAM, MAG, SIS and EPAM)
  • XRT Client

All of the above have working tests and documentation. These would require reviews from DavidPS. I expect no major changes, obviously a few style fixes and some brushing up the code like always.

I had the most fun in coding up the XRT Client part. This was something I had tried before the GSoC way back in January 2016. XRT initial PR. You can take a look and see how I was implementing the logic in _get_url_for_timerange, not very pretty I’m afraid and definitely not the most pythonic way of doing things. You can take a look at my New XRT PR and see that I have used some pythonic constructs such as list comprehensions and some healthy manipulation with the popular re library. The code look so much more beautiful and is idiomatic python code at its best (I hope so.)

I searched quite a bit on StackOverflow, looking at examples where these pythonic constructs are used. And realized this is exactly the situation where one should and would. All in all a great learning experience in writing some visually aesthetic code.

Hope for a good review. Have a good day.