GSoC-Blog Week-3

I guess a blog is in order to tell you what I’ve been up to. Well, I actually have a slight lead on my timeline. And hopefully I would be able to keep it.

I have finished up SWAP, XRT, Kanzelhohe, BBSO, STEREO and ACE clients. I am working on GONG client now. And once I’m done with it, I would proceed to SOLIS VSM.

I spoke to David, the previous weekend about the specs for GONG Client. GONG is really very unique. From looking at the way VSO treats it, GONG actually has 7 instruments in total, all dependent on their locations (Udaipur etc.). It measures two physical observations, los_magnetic_field and intensity. Also, there were some specific requirements, if the user doesn’t enter an instrument, that means user wants to download data from all the instruments. To further make the problem more complex, intensity again depends on the wavelength range. This is nothing new, I added support do that Fido now also parses a Wavelength object. The Wavelength object is defined in vso.attrs . All of these factors made GONG slightly more challenging than other FIDO clients.

I had much fun in implementing them. I am working on writing tests and documentation and for it. And hopefully, you can give it a dry run by forking my branch !

Have a good day!