GSoC Blog – Week-5

Hello everyone,

We are into the 5th week of Summer of Code. I had tons of fun up to this point. And its also pretty cool telling people I write software for Astronomy and Solar Physics, me begin a Computer Science undergraduate 🙂

A quick recap of what I’ve done. I have implemented all Fido clients that I promised. All of them are complete with tests and documentation. There was a small problem we were facing because of precision issues. I had constrained users to enter wavelength in Angstroms only, for the clients which were using Wavelength as an extra parameter. This was because, converting from a different unit, say nanometers to Angstroms was introducing small precision errors. I solved this by using an in-built function in Numpy called isclose. I made the requisite change to all PRs, changed the docs as well as tests to incorporate this change. Another small problem was the issue with sites running FTP protocol. I have only temporarily solved them by using custom download logic. Someone would need to make Scraper compatible with FTP as well, I did try to research a bit, but hit a dead-end.  Please do play around with what I’ve built and inform me of any bugs or issues.

Have a good day.

Sudarshan a.k.a Hieronymous.