GSoC Blog Post week-7.

Hey guys,

I’m a bit late for this blog post, apologies. I will tell you what I’ve been upto.

I am now in the second part of my project. I’m parsing the SRS text files here to extract the data that is present in those tables. I’m using astropy.table to store them. I have programmed a custom parsing logic, based on how the data is structured in those tables and have built a SRS text file reader based on it.

This reader is in and would take a valid SRS text file as input and would output an astropy.table upon being called. This table has 10 columns in total all of which are explained here. My code is almost ready. I have to make some of the columns unit-aware, since they measure certain physical quantities such as area etc. I will soon be having a PR ready. I have also polished my Fido code as much as possible. And would soon be presenting my work as well. Probably the dev call on 20th July.

Have a great summer.

Thanks for reading.