GSOC Blog Post Week-9

Hello everyone,

Hope you had a good weekend. I have “sort-of” completed SRS table reader. By “sort-of”, I need to add a few more rigorous tests.

Currently, the reader resides in and there is some debate over where it actually should be. Cadair has suggested me to build a custom reader using I would have to wait till we reach to a conclusion, till then.

The reader accepts a valid SRS text file such as from here, it will parse the three tables Table I, IA and II and store all of them in a master table. Take a look at this PR for more details. If a certain table, has None value, i.e. there were no measurements for this table, then it is not added to the master table. I have also added an additional attribute “ID” , which tells whether the measurement belongs to I, IA or II. The columns have been ,ade data-type and unit-aware as well.

Give it a dry-run if you can.

Thanks for reading.