Hello everyone,

I have been buys for some time with solving #1697 here – 1697. I think I have finally solved it, or rather implemented the feature that David had requested.

So for the non-SunPy crowd, this is what the problem was. Maps are one of the basic data types in SunPy. You can build a composite Map (a combination of maps) out of simple maps. To plot a map you would do

aia = Map(‘some-combination-of-maps’, composite=True)


There are some additional arguments you can pass to plot, one of them includes vmin and vmax. You can read about them here – matplotlib colors. So if you do

aia.plot(vmin=xx, vmax=yy), all the maps in the composite map are set to the same vmin and vmax values. vmin and vmax, in basic terms regulate the color values in SunPy maps. So if you wanted to plot the sunpy map in between a certain color range, you would pass that range to the plot argument and the color values not in the range would be blocked out. Earlier, if you had a bunch of maps (a CompositeMap) and you passed a vmin and vmax argument, all the maps (layers) would get the same vmin and vmax argument.

Now what the feature request was the ability to supply a different vmin and vmax argument for each layer in a composite map. With my implementation the user can now just do –

aia.set_vals(layer_number, vmin, vmax)

for each layer that user wants to change the vmin and vmax for.